Engineering & Design

Faro has built lines of highly-trained and experienced personnel to deliver solutions in its exclusive engineering services. Faro focus all personnel procurement, professional training and development, and project consultation and delivery methods around that competency. This has allowed us to provide the best value-driven services to customers with various technical requirements.

We have a wealth of experience in our design department, who utilize our software and expertise to ensure that the clients are presented with the most economical steelwork solution available.

Our preferred modeling system for example GPRS provides an accurate, dynamic and data rich environment that can be shared by the project team. The information we create is uploaded to our material requirements planning system. Within the GPRS all the material data, drawing data, cutting data is routed to the appropriate plant and machinery.

As with all our employees at Faro, our drawing office engineers are proactive and conscientious. We will act when information is required to progress the client project.