FARO Modular Steel Bridge


The FARO Modular Steel Bridge is our company’s flagship product. The FARO Bridge is a portable prefabricated truss bridge that serves as an efficient and convenient solution to common bridging problems. The FARO Bridge is inspired by the Bailey Bridge which was a portable truss bridge developed during World War Two by the British. The capability and durability of the FARO Bridge is just as good as any conventional concrete bridge.


The FARO Bridge requires no special tools or heavy machinery for the construction of the bridge and can be installed as quick as one week depending on the bridge length. Due to its modularity, the FARO Bridge can be delivered and installed at any site regardless of the terrain. Unlike conventional bridges, there are multiple methods of installation for the FARO Bridge, so if one method cannot be implemented, there are always other ways.


The FARO Bridge has been designed in reference to both the British Standards as well as the Eurocodes. The loading that the FARO Bridge can take is designed to accommodate for highway loadings according to BD37/01. Not only that, but the FARO Bridge is also designed for railway use as well. To help put your mind further at ease, our bridge has obtained recognition and approval from the local authorities of Malaysia which are Jabatan Kerja Raya (JKR).


Due to its compact sized components, the FARO Bridge is able to undergo hot-dipped galvanization treatment, providing a layer of protection against corrosion. With this surface treatment and according to the local climate, the lifespan of the FARO Bridge can last between 40-60 years, provided that proper maintenance is conducted. Following that, our bridge is designed to have a life expectancy of 1,000,000 loading cycles.


Accommodates highway loadings conforming to international standards.


Does not depend on heavy machinery, can utilize manual labour.


Customizable according to site conditions.

Easy Maintenance

Extends the lifespan of the bridge.

Application of Faro Bridge

Construction Application (Temporary)

Railway Application

Mining Application

Marine Application

Military Application

Emergency Solution

Logistic Application

Permanent Bridge Solution