Steel Grating

Our gratings have been used as walkway flooring, platform flooring, stair treads, drainage covers, and trench covers and applied at various projects not only in the construction industry but also in the offshore industry.

We utilize high quality mild steel for our gratings which exceed the strength of ASTM A36, BS4360 grade 43A, JIS G 3101 SS 400 SB 41. This is to accommodate for deflection which becomes a critical consideration in the design of our gratings.

Stainless steel gratings are also available for use in marine or any other corrosive environment. Typical grades used are SS 304 and SS 316, though other stainless-steel grades can be requested.


FARO gratings are very strong, yet light in weight. It consists of latticework of bearing bars and cross bars joined to each other in a fixed configuration by projection welding.

Faro gratings allow light admission and ventilation. A well lighted and ventilated area is crucial in industrial safety

FARO gratings display non-slip ability in every direction thereby providing a safe working surface.

The latticework of bearing bars and cross bars will neatly match with any types of flooring in the factory, ship, etc. and will make a geometrical ensemble

FARO gratings are designed and manufactured according to customer’s specification and is easy to install. Our precise grating configurations enable easy servicing and maintenance.
FARO gratings can readily be pre-cut to the customer’s specifications just like plate, because the bars are joined in a fixed configuration.


It is easier to clean trenches because FARO gratings are made with excellent design and careful fabrications.